Print Materials

NTC’s sponsor-branded print materials include graphic novels, primary workbooks and materials aligned with our livestream events or in-school programs. Based on educator feedback we know that our printed materials are sent home with students 92% of the time, directly connecting clients to their community.


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Graphic Novels

NTC’s educational graphic novels are a thrilling way for students to dive deep into important information. The exciting stories, combined with striking artwork, bring topics that are important to your audience to life. They are sponsor-branded branded on the front and back covers. Additional client-branded and student activity pages can be incorporated throughout the story.

In-school program package

Livestream events and in-school programs typically include a complete print package, which can also be delivered digitally. The package includes student playbooks with activities, homework assignments and project-based lessons. Teachers receive the accompanying teacher guide, with detailed program instructions and information, as well as Infographic posters for the classroom.

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Primary Workbooks

Primary Workbooks Primary workbooks are designed for students ages 5-8 and include full-color front and back covers and 12 pages of hands-on activities, homework assignments and project-based lessons.