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On this page you can find all kinds of great information and activities about natural gas. You can do the activities with your friends, your class or on your own.

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Energy Time Trek

Join Time Agent Tina Mercaptan, Olivia P. Honeycutt, Dr. Schmeinstein and other fun characters in these short videos about natural gas conservation and safety.

Chapter 1

Time Agent Tina Mercaptan is assigned by her boss, Olivia P. Honeycutt, to track down Dr. Schmeinstein as he travels through time trying to destroy natural gas. In order to defeat Dr. Schmeinstein, Tina learns all about the basics of where natural gas comes from.

Chapter 2

Tina Mercaptan travels back to the 1970’s and meets Rhoda Richards as she prepares for a dinner party. Tina teaches Rhoda how to conserve and be safe around this useful natural resource, natural gas.

Chapter 3

In ancient pre-history, Tina meets a talking squirrel as she makes a family communication plan to stay in touch with her animal friends during an imminent meteor strike. Tina also has a final showdown with Dr. Schmeinstein.

What natural gas is

Lorraine Quiche, owner of Fluffy’s Spaghetti, has to contend with a snooty food critic by the name of Eggs Benedict Arnold as she learns about where natural gas comes from.

Uses of Natural Gas

Dr. Schmeinstein is visited by birthday party singer Tennille Mercaptan as she seeks his advice on natural resources and the uses of natural gas.

How to conserve natural gas

While visiting Granny Greyflame to retrieve her superhero utility belt, The Blue Flame learns about how to conserve natural gas.

How to be safe around natural gas

While taping content for her YouTube channel, the Wicked Witch of the Upper Northwest is continually interrupted by TinkerFred, her friendly, safety-minded appliance technician.


Gas Oven

Gas ovens

Many ovens use natural gas. You can bake a yummy apple pieapple pie in a natural gas oven.

Gas Range Tops

Gas range tops

You can make a grilled cheese sandwich and some Tomato Souptomato soup for lunch on a natural gas range top.

Heating Homes

Heating homes

A natural gas furnace will keep your Cartoon Househome toasty warm in the winter.

Natural Gas Water Heater

Heating water

Water heaters use natural gas to heat the water we use for taking Bath Tubbubble baths.

Clothes Dryer

Clothes dryers

After you wash your clothes, you can dry them in a natural gas Cartoon Clothes Dryerclothes dryer.

Car running on natural gas

Fueling Cars

Some cars and buses run on natural gas instead of fuel pumpgasoline.

Natural gas plant

Making electricity

Power plants can use natural gas to make electricity and keep your light bulblights on.


Used in laboratories

Scientists use natural gas to heat test tubeschemicals to make things we use every day.


Safe and Smart E-book: Buddy's Big Day

Follow Buddy as he learns how we use natural gas and how to be safe around it. He will talk to Granny Grayflame, Wanda Water Heater and The Blue Flame to figure out as much as he can! Come along on his adventure!

Purpose of Activity: Review, Reading and Reading Comprehension
Four Cs of 21st Century Education Skills: Communication and Critical Thinking
Description: An interactive digital story to help students read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. Teachers can use this activity to support and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words and meanings.
Time: 20-30 minutes
Grade Range: 1st-2nd